Top Flooring Services in Singapore - Quality Installations & Expert Repairs

Discover the best flooring services in Singapore for top-notch installations and expert repairs. Enhance your space with premium flooring solutions.

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Top Flooring Services in Singapore - Quality Installations & Expert Repairs

Looking for flooring services in Singapore? Need top-notch floor services? SKM Engineering Pte Ltd is the answer! We do it all - floor cleaning, refinishing, and more! Residential, commercial, or industrial, we got you covered. 


Our team handles vinyl, laminate, parquet, and even marble flooring. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly, we tailor our services just for you! Get floors that are clean, shiny, and long-lasting. Let's make your floors fabulous!

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Why Choose Us for Your Flooring Singapore?

SKM Engineering Pte Ltd rocks the flooring game in Singapore. Why us? Well, check it out

Our flooring services

Our professional remodeling contractors offer a comprehensive range of home remodeling services, including but not limited to

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring, you know, it's like this tough, fake stuff. It pretends to be wood, stone, or tile, but it's not, really. Super good at handling water, super easy to put in, and won't break the bank. You can get it in sheets, tiles, or planks - lots of options. Stick it in any room, especially the wet or busy ones. It's like a chameleon, but for floors.

Parquet flooring

Parquet floors are like this cool wood floor thingy, small wood bits in fancy patterns. Rooms get all stylish with it – herringbone, chevron, basket weave, you name it. It's tough, warm, natural, but hey, wallet alert, it's pricey. Installing? Not a walk in the park. Watch out for those scratches and dents too, they're sneaky.

Marble flooring

Marble floors, you know, it's like this natural rock stuff. It's made from, like, metamorphic rock with calcite or dolomite, whatever that means. So, you put it in a room, and bam! Instant fancy vibes. Colors, veins, patterns - it's a whole party. Plus, it's cool, smooth, and hard, but watch out, it's a stain magnet, and scratches are its worst nightmare. And oh boy, it's not cheap, gotta warn ya.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, you know? It's like this floor thingy with a fake photo layer on top of wood stuff. It pretends to be wood, tile, or rocks, all kinds of looks. Colors, patterns, textures – they got it all. Tough, won't get scratched easily, and a breeze to clean. But, big but, not good with moisture, and forget about refinishing, not gonna happen.

Engineered wood flooring

Wood flooring, like, it's this layered thing, you know? It's got this fancy top layer, like a thin slice of real wood. And then, underneath, there's like plywood or fiberboard or whatever. It's like, engineered wood flooring vibes. It's got the whole solid wood beauty and warmth thing going on, but it's also way more stable and can handle moisture and temperature stuff. Oh, and you can refinish it too, just not as many times as the solid wood stuff.

Solid wood flooring

Wood floor? Yeah, just one big piece of tree, your call. Oak, cherry, walnut—pick your flavor. Customize with finish, stain, or pattern. Tough and lasting, but pricey. Moody with moisture. Hard to install, but can redo it a bunch.

Granite flooring

Granite flooring rocks! It's like this cool natural stone floor made of igneous rock stuff—quartz, feldspar, and mica, you know? Super sleek and modern vibes for your room with all these different colors, specks, and grains. Plus, it's tough, can handle the heat, and gives water the cold shoulder. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows; this bad boy is heavy, a bit slippery, and might hit your wallet hard.

Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring is like this floor thing made from woven stuff like wool, nylon, or polyester. Gives a room a cozy vibe, ya know? Comes in all sorts of colors and styles. Super soft and comfy. But, cleaning it? Ugh, nightmare. Stains, allergens, and smells love to party on it. Not the toughest thing around, gotta admit.

Floor refinishing service

Got dull floors? We fix 'em up. Scratches, wear, whatever. Our floor refinishing does the trick. Sanding, polishing, sealing—top-notch stuff. Boosts the looks, toughens 'em up. Wood, marble, granite—we handle all floors. Adds value to your place too.

Hardwood floor cleaning service

Timber flooring is beautiful and durable, but you have to take care of it, right? So, if you want superior wooden floor care, you should contact our cleaning service. We clean and wipe with gentle products that work on your floor like magic, wiping away all the dirt and grime without damaging the wood. Our ministry is not just clean; It protects your floor from moisture, scratches and fading, making it last longer. Trust us on your wood flooring TLC!

Ceramic tile flooring

Tile flooring, you know, it's like this cool thing made of fired clay tiles. Comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors – even pretends to be wood, stone, or metal. Easy to clean, keeps things tidy, fights off stains, scratches, and moisture. But, hey, it's a bit chilly, tough, and gets noisy sometimes.

Floor cleaning services

Gotta keep those floors clean, right? Health and comfort vibes, folks! Got carpets, tiles, wood – whatever, we've got your back in Singapore. We roll in with our cool gear and magic potions to wipe out dirt, dust, stains, and funky smells. Your floors? Oh, they'll be gleaming and minty fresh. Homes or offices, no worries. We tweak our cleaning game to match your style. Let's do this!

Commercial floor cleaning services

So your floors, right? They get real messy with all the hustle and bustle. No worries, though! We're the floor cleaning pros for your business vibe. We're all about that pro look and inviting feel, you know? Got the latest tech and tricks up our sleeves to clean and sanitize. Big or small floors, we got it covered—office, shop, eatery, hotel, you name it. Plus, we're cool with your budget and schedule. Let's make those floors sparkle!

Wood floor installation service

Spice up your space with our cool wood flooring! Choose from tons of styles, colors and finishes. Don’t you believe it? Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the perfect wood for your space. Our installation is fast, reliable, and we bet you’ll be pleased with the results! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Professional hard floor cleaning services

Got a solid tile, concrete, stone, vinyl floor? They are cool but require TLC. We provided your back with the highest quality durable floor cleaners. We dive deep, scrub hard, and shine that down there. Our heavy gear kicks dirt, grease, stains and germs to the road. Safety and cleanliness? We got that covered too. Cracks, cracks, or strange discoloration again. For you, our knowledge – a match made in divine purity.