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Discover the best painting services in Singapore for homes and businesses. Trusted painters offering quality residential and commercial painting solutions.


Top Painting Services in Singapore

Looking to spruce up your place? SKM Engineering Pte Ltd has got you covered! We're the best painting services provider and expert in Singapore. Top-notch quality, pocket-friendly prices. 

Big or small, we paint it all – interiors, exteriors, homes, offices, you name it. Our paint game is strong, using only the primo stuff. Safety and satisfaction?

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Why Choose Us for Your Painting Services Singapore?

Pick SKM Engineering Pte Ltd for painting – tons of reasons

What Painting Services Do We Offer?

We offer a wide range of cheapest painting services singapore for different types of properties and surfaces, such as:

Interior Painting:

We paint all sorts of spots – living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, you name it. Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, even furniture – we got you covered. And guess what? We're not just about regular paint jobs. We're into fancy stuff too, like faux painting, mural magic, wallpaper vibes, and sticking cool stuff on walls. Not sure about colors and finishes? No worries, we got your back. Matte, satin, gloss, semi-gloss – we'll help you figure out what suits your style.

Residential Painting:

Painting, we handle it all—HDB flats, condos, bungalows, you name it. New or old, renovation or makeover, move-in or move-out, renting or selling—we got you. Let's turn your place into a cozy haven that screams "you."

Specialized Painting

Painting in a special way means putting colors on your walls in a unique and fancy way. It's like giving your space a cool makeover. Makes it more valuable, functional, and creative. Plus, it can totally match what you want and need. Special painting comes in two flavors: putting up or taking down wallpapers and doing fancy decorative painting stuff.

Exterior Painting:

We paint it all – roofs, facades, fences, gates, balconies, patios, decks, you name it! We've got your back with waterproofing, anti-mould, anti-rust, and anti-graffiti magic. Shield your place from the wild weather and surroundings. Picking the right paint? We're on it – acrylic, latex, oil-based, water-based – let's make it last!

Commercial Painting:

Painting? We do it all. Offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses—whatever you've got, we paint it. Need branding? We're on it. Logos, signage, murals, slogans—just tell us. Make your business shine. Attract and keep those customers with a killer image. We got you.

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

Putting up or taking down wallpaper is about sticking it on or peeling it off your walls. Wallpaper, you know, that stuff with designs or textures. It changes up your space vibe - classy, snug, or just plain enjoyable. Plus, it hides wall boo-boos like dents or marks. Putting up or taking down wallpaper? You've got options: vinyl, paper, fabric, or even

Decorative Painting

Painting your space with cool effects like murals, faux finishes, stencils, or textures is what we call decorative painting. It's like giving your place a personality boost, you know? Adding character, style, and flair, because who wants a boring space anyway? Express yourself with sponging, ragging, glazing, or even marbleizing – get creative!

How to Prepare for a Painting Project

Set up your spot, get ready for your painting session, and get stuck into things. It’s key to saving time, money and headaches, ensuring the smooth running of the painting process. Check out these: