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Looking best service provider for wall plaster Singapore? Old walls giving you a headache? SKM Engineering Pte Ltd has got you covered! 

With 20+ years of plastering expertise, we handle all projects—big or small. Our skilled team ensures top-notch quality using the finest materials. Transform your walls hassle-free with us!

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Why Choose Us for Wall Plastering Services in Singapore?

Wall plastering is kinda tricky, not just a walk in the park. You can’t just wing it; you need skills, tools, and techniques to get that smooth, flawless finish. Mess it up, and you’re looking at cracks, bubbles, and walls looking like they had a bad day. Avoid the horror show – get a legit wall plastering squad like SKM Engineering Pte Ltd to handle it for you

What are the Types of Wall Plastering Services We Offer?

There's this bunch of wall plastering options, right? Like, six of them, each with its own deal. Check it out:

Cement plaster:

It's all about cement, sand, and water, good for inside and outside walls. Tough, waterproof, and handles weather and bugs. You can make it smooth, rough, or trowelled. Oh, and you can color it, too.

Lime plaster:

Lime, sand, water, and sometimes animal hair. Old school and good for historical spots. Breathable, flexible, eco-friendly, fights off dampness. Got a soft, natural look with texture and color options.

Venetian plaster:

Lime, marble dust, water—sounds fancy, right? It's all about that smooth, shiny look, like marble or stone. Layers and a trowel give depth and rich colors. Can wax or seal it for extra oomph.

Gypsum plaster:

This one's made from gypsum, sometimes with hardeners. Inside walls and ceilings vibe. Quick to apply, dries fast, gives a nice surface for paint or wallpaper. You can even mold it into cool shapes.

Acrylic plaster:

Made with acrylic resin and water. Modern, fits both inside and outside walls. Waterproof, stain-resistant, and UV-resistant. Can pull off glossy, metallic, or textured vibes. Plus, you can tint it with colors and pigments.

Stucco plaster:

Cement, lime, sand, water. Exterior walls and facades. Thick, coarse, and layered for texture. You can shape it into cool designs and color it up. Rustic vibes, you know?

Partition Wall Plastering

Partition walls? Dividers. Lightweight materials. Offices, shops, schools, condos. Plaster enhances appearance, durability, soundproofing, fireproofing. Covers cracks, holes, defects. SKM Engineering does pro plastering. Cement, gypsum, lime, acrylic plaster. Smooth, textured, decorative finishes. Colors, patterns, designs. Your choice, your style.

Cement Plaster Wall

It is common, popular in Singapore. Cement, sand, water mix. Durable, waterproof, weather-resistant. Interior, exterior use. Easy to apply, maintain. Paint or tile over it. SKM offers expert service. Thickness options: 6mm to 25mm. Finish choices: smooth, rough, trowelled. Colors? Pigments or additives. Your wall, your way.

Plaster Walls

Plaster walls covered in dry powder—cement, sand, water. Boosts appearance, durability. Smooth surface for paint, wallpaper. Soundproof, fireproof. Hides imperfections. Classic in older properties. Customizable textures, patterns, colors. Easily repaired by pros like SKM Engineering. We offer comprehensive plaster wall services. Cement, gypsum, lime, acrylic plaster. Smooth, textured, decorative finishes. Colors? Pigments or additives. Your wall, your masterpiece.